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The LeadWorks Business Development Ecosystem

When it comes to achieving profitable growth, our ecosystem – consisting of fishing, hunting, and farming – is a turnkey solution. Need help filling your sales funnel? We’ll put more fish in your boat than you know what to do with. Looking to hunt big-game prospects? We’ll guide you on a sales safari that will land sizable trophies. Want to generate more revenue from your current customer base? We’ll provide the fertilizer for your farm. Tap into one part of our ecosystem or turbocharge your company by applying it all.

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Our first order of business is to identify what we are fishing for. Tuna? Shark? Grouper? Then, we determine which waters will yield the highest return. Once there, we cast your lead generation net far and wide using a content-management strategy that is proven to attract qualified leads. Our experience shows that for every 50 bait fish we haul in, there’s always one “fish” that’s a “keeper.” That’s why we fish. Not to snag the many, but to lure the few.

Once we hook some prospects, the true hunt begins. Emails, nurture campaigns, specialty mailings, whatever it takes to turn that prospect into a customer. Truth is, a good hunt is a ritual – guided by a specific set of actions – and a very personal dance. It is more art than science. Hunting requires guile, knowledge, skill, patience, talent, and experience. Which is what we bring to the hunt. That, as well as a highly focused, specialized, and creative team.

Hail to the ones who know how to get fruit to rise from the same tilled land, year after year. To that end, we devise programs and strategies that treat your current and repeat customers with reverence and gloat. We make them feel like family. After all, nothing is better than a customer who buys again or refers you to good friends. Nothing. That’s how the greatest businesses in the world were built, and that’s how we build yours.

More Customers. More Business.

Whether you need to harvest more leads, turn your website into a lead conversion engine, target decision makers in a single industry, grow market share within your current customer base, or build a sustainable brand, we’ve got you covered.

A Complete Solution That Let’s You Tap Only What You Need

What’s in Our Tackle Box

Robust campaign management software
Targeted database development
Crafting of effective lead lures
Content development and management
Branded e-newsletters for trawling
Conversion pages optimized for landing fish
Website enhancements and development
Sales support materials
Campaign analysis and reporting
Conversion ROI analysis

What’s in Our Gun Case

Prospect nurturing campaigns
Big game prospect research
Corporate identity strategies
Direct-to-prospect campaigns
SEO, SEM, and social media
Print, radio, TV, and out of home
Marketing collateral
Exhibit and trade show strategies
Media relations
Monitoring and analysis

What’s in Our Barn

Brand strategy development
Product strategy development
Operational strategy development
Channel strategy development
Project planning and management
Revenue opportunity analysis
Product opportunity analysis
Indirect sales support

Direct sales (inside sales) support
Business modeling

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